Our range of fetish underwear

Under the Belt has a wide range of fetish underwear for men, with products ranging from more traditional styles to more daring options. Our collection includes:

  • Fetish briefs: ideal for men looking for something special to wear during intimate moments or on special occasions. Our collection of fetish briefs includes a variety of styles, colors and materials, such as latex and leather.
  • Fetish boxers: Our fetish boxers offer an excellent combination of comfort and style, with options ranging from traditional boxers to bottomless boxers and shorts in materials such as latex, leather and vinyl.
  • Fetish jockstraps:  a great option for men looking for extra support and a sexy look. Our collection includes styles in a variety of materials including latex, leather and vinyl.
  • Fetish thongs: For those looking for a more daring look, we have a wide selection of fetish thongs. Our selection includes styles in materials such as latex, leather and vinyl, as well as C-ring thongs for an even more exciting effect.
  • Chaps: Our collection of chaps offers a great addition to your fetish wardrobe, with styles ranging from traditional leather chaps to more daring net and mesh variants.
  • Harnesses: Fetish harnesses are perfect for adding an extra element of style and excitement to your outfit. Our collection includes shoulder harnesses, chest harnesses and even full body harnesses for a complete fetish look.

Our fetish underwear comes from popular brands such as Modus Vivendi, Andrew Christian and Pikante. These brands are known for their high-quality materials, excellent wearing comfort and attention to detail. Discover our collection of fetish underwear and find the perfect style that suits you.

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