At Under the Belt we try to contribute in any way to the sustainable use of our materials.


Shipping materials 
For example, we ship all orders in a recycled cardboard letterbox box, recycled cardboard box, or fully biodegradable plastic bag. We are constantly looking for the best and most sustainable materials. This sometimes means that the packaging may not be the most attractive, but that won't stop us sleeping, knowing that our plastic won't be roaming the earth. We also try to ship as efficiently as possible. This means that the 'air' percentage in our packages is very minimal. As a result, more packages fit in a PostNL van, so fewer vans have to hit the road!

We believe in 'the sound', if we make ourselves heard, brands will automatically follow. Fortunately, we are already seeing this 'trent' of awareness a lot! Andrew Christian, for example, makes more use of pure cotton, 2Eros makes swimming trunks from recycled plastic bottles and a majority of our brands do not produce outside Europe. This saves a lot of emissions!

Sustainable in the office
- Rather a thick sweater than a high heating!
- No machines, only people who travel by public transport or by bicycle.
- We hand in our packages to PostNL ourselves and we do this on foot!