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Classic Boxer White

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A man should have a classic line in his drawers because fashion changes, but the classic style remains. The Modus Vivendi Classic Boxer has a beloved style that fits nicely around your hips.
This underwear is super comfortable with the classic modus vivendi wide waistband. Made from superior quality, cotton elastqan fabric this boxer has an elegant classic style cut, sex yen is easy to wear, designed to stay comfortable all day long. Available in white, gray and black and with a perfect fit that makes this timeless Boxer perfect for the modern man who cares
for himself.

Modus Vivendi is a brand based in Greece offering a range of men's underwear and accessories. Founded in 1989 by Greek fashion designer Christos Bibitsos, Modus Vivendi translated from Latin means lifestyle or way of life. This interpretation defines the company's approach to provide men with good quality clothing and sexy designs to improve the quality of their lives.

Material: 95% Cotton & 5% Elastane 

Note: Modus Vivendi underwear is small, so always order 1 size larger than your normal size!! However, if you want a tight fit, take your regular size!