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Latex Thong Black

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STRING mania, just another sensation. Remember you're wearing a's there...but you forget it; because the best part of the thong is the feeling of wearing nothing but just a pouch! MODUS VIVENDI strings kept being requested; so here's this one!

Latex string made of 100% polyester latex look shiny fabric, which allows maximum exposure of the body and room for movement.

This sexy design allows for maximum body exposure, as well as room for movement and function. Featuring an iconic nickel-free metal label on the back, featuring a cut-out MODUS VIVENDI logo. Get yours and show your naughty side.

Cotton 95%
Elastane 5%
Machine wash:40 °C

Note: Modus Vivendi underwear is small, so always order 1 size larger than your normal size!! However, if you want a tight fit, take your regular size!

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