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Muslin Body White

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MODUS VIVENDI's Muslin collection is here. The moment when all of humanity celebrates the freedom of love has arrived. To provide transparency in every aspect of social life, provocative muslin designs are available to cover your entire body in the most revealing, yet minimal way. If you're passionate about sheer fabrics and you're a mesh lover, these new designs from Modus Vivendi are made to fully show off your see-through sexy self and make you feel like you're wearing next to nothing.

Polyamide 80%
Elastane 20%


  • bold and opulent
  • low on the hip and tight fit
  • made of transparent muslin fabric
  • double-layer pouch of the same transparent fabric as pouch
  • cotton covered wide waistband

Note: Modus Vivendi underwear is small, so always order 1 size larger than your normal size!! However, if you want a tight fit, take your regular size!